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Amanda's World
Thumbillina's Playhouse

Our Beloved Thumbillina has passed.
She died Tuesday April 23 2002 in the 20 gallon aquarium that was her home.

Thumbillina will always be loved and never be forgotten.



Thumbillina has been with us for a little over a year. She didn't originally belong to us, and she had a rough life before I took her as my own. However, her and I both have strong will. Her's is to survive and mine is to keep her alive.

At Christmas-time she had a trip the vet due to not eating and not being active at all. She fooled us though, while at the vet she lept off the examine table and got under their storage cupboards, the base board had to be removed for us to get her out. She must have been storing a bit energy somewhere.

The Doctor gave her injections of Calcium and Vitamin D. The Vet recommended a diet of baby food for added nutrients. We tried lots of variations, but she favors bananas and mixed cereal with applesauce.
She has improved greatly since December. She has grown some, and gotten her attitude back.

Thumbillina, being a gift

These pictures are from Christmas Day. The second one was not staged, Thumbillina and Ocula were sitting next to each other having their pictures taken when Thumbillina decided to give Ocula a hug.

Thumbillina giving Ocula a hug

Thumbillina's Favorite Things To Do

Swimming in her pool
Escaping from her tank
Hiding from Aaron and I
Copying Ocula (trying anyway)
Claiming the sides of Ocula's
Reptarium as her own
Sky dives, off of the couch and the bed,
without a parachute
Attacking her non-living food
Trying to eat Boo (her newest adventure)



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This Page Has Not Been Updated Since April 2002.
This Page Will Remain Active In Memory Of Thumbillina

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