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Amanda's World
Byndee and Boo's Pond


Byndee and Boo

Byndee and Boo are smallest of our family. They are yellow bellied slider turtles. Their markings are what caught my eye.

They are called "yellow bellied" because the bottom of their shells are a vibrant yellow. As are the markings on the rest of their body.
In the picture above Aaron is holding Boo on the left and Byndee on the right.


Even though the coloration of most YBS (yellow bellied sliders) are the same, the markings on their shells are spectacular. Each individual turtle has their own pattern, every one is different, just like the human fingerprint.
They are so beautiful.
We purchased them both from a local pet store, which has since gone out of business. However we bought them a couple of days apart. First was Byndee  who was the smaller of the two. But being smaller sure didn't stop her from being adventurous, more so than her sibling. When she is out of their tank she is always on the move, exploring every inch of any space she can get to. She is never content to sit in one spot for very long. (Kinda like Aaron, LOL)

Boo is adventurous, but only for short periods of time. Once she finds a spot she is comfortable with, she settles down and usually takes a nap. And that is usually the tiniest place she can fit into. That is why Aaron named her Boo, because she likes to hide. (And because we got her on Halloween.)

When we got them each of them were not much bigger than a half dollar (the picture below is dated late December 2001); today (Saturday July 19th) Boo's shell is about 6 inches long and Byndee's is about 5 inches long. As you can see both have grown considerably and are doing well.


This is where Byndee and Boo currently reside; in the brand new 55 gallon tank.


This is a close-up picture of Boo.


This is a close-up picture of Byndee.



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