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Amanda's World
Buckwheat's Hammock



Buckwheat was my first ferret. From day one he's had my heart. The day we brought him home he seemed so tiny and fragile and now he's my little man, the leader of our pack.
The oldest of our three he is always the first out of the cage when it's time to play, always the first to sit up and greet you when you walk into the room. Each with their own personality I would say he is the sensible one. He loves to play, but always has his sences going for what else is going on in his surroundings. Unlike Delilah and Bear, who just all out go wild.


Buckwheat's Favorite Things

Playing with Milo, Delilah and Bear
Riding along on my shoulder while I travel from room to room
Raising hell with anyone that will join in
Climbing the outside of his 4 story cage when no one is looking
Jumping over the security gate (and they say ferrets aren't good jumpers)


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