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My Mom and Dad

This is my Mom, Sandi Price, and my Dad, John Price. My mom works part time at the Wellsboro Area Chamber of Commerce.
My Dad works at Eckerd Drug in Wellsboro. He also produces a web site called Country Scraps (link is to the left). And produces websites for other people on the side.  My Mom and Dad moved into a new house a couple of summers ago. Lately they have been spending their free time planting new flowers and plants, and working around the house. They are really enjoying their new surroundings. There most recent addition has been to add a gate between the house and garage, this will add a nice rustic touch to their home and at the same time, hide where they store their garbage cans.


This is Aaron Brimmer, my husband. He and I live in a two and 1/2 bedroom house in Williamsport. He is also attending Pennsylvania College of Technology. He spent his first semester working on the basics, like math, computer, and english. He also took an intro to welding class which brought him to the major that he is enrolled in now, a 2 year welding program. He loves welding, looks forward to it every week.

These two beautiful girls are my nieces Ashleigh on the left and Kasie on the right. This is them Christmas Eve, just before we got to open a few presents.


Country Scraps

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My Dad, John Price

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